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Plant Care

Trees require certain nutrients to maintain growth and to stay healthy. These nutrients are normally found on the forest floor through the decay of leaves, animals and water. In landscape environments, however, fertilizer is needed to take the place of this natural food source.

Quality Care for Your Trees Well-nourished trees and shrubs have better resistance to disease, insect attack and drought. Our certified applicators give your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need for optimum health and plant development. We use various applications of spray, injections fertilizations or other treatments to reduce insect populations or prevent various diseases and promote better plant health and tree health through selective pruning, site preparation or other methods.

Pesticides / Fungicides / Antibiotics
Trees that become weak and stressed will become victims of tree diseases and insect infestations, and ultimately death. The combination of all three usually kills trees. Insects can cause considerable damage leaving the plants looking unsightly and can even kill them. Many insects defoliate trees, reducing the ability of trees to produce food, sucking out tree sap, retarding growth, carrying pathogens and paving the way for disease. Our goal is to save your trees and to heal them without hurting other living plants and animals and people around the tree.

Times to be concerned about your trees

  • If they are losing branches
  • If the leaves are browning, or falling at the wrong time
  • If the leaves are curling,
  • If the leaves have holes or spots on them
  • Failure to blossom or flower
  • Appearance of mold, fungus, discoloration, or softness on bark
  • If the bark is peeling, shedding, or cracking.

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